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To quote abigor on slashdot

In all fairness, no platform is perfect, let’s face it. You seem to be commenting on OS X (hard drives, 3d performance, etc.), so let’s see:

If you want non-working cut and paste (the general case is it only works for text), no 3d performance at all, barely any wireless support, no commercial software support including de facto standards like MS Office and Photoshop, no games, amateurish and inconsistent guis, etc. ad infinitum, then run desktop Linux.

If you don’t mind a pretty substandard operating system in return for all the software you could ever want and you don’t need Unix, run Windows.

If you want a usable, well thought-out desktop Unix with lots of commercial software (though much less than Windows), good open source and open standards support, and you don’t care about games, run OS X.

As cliche as it sounds, it’s all about what works best for you.

It has been almost four years since I first moved my personal computing to Mac OS X – during the tiger years – and I have enjoyed every bit of the experience. After two more major OS releases and several flawless “migration assistance” experiences, I find I have had a reliable platform I could accumulate personal data over years. Long gone the old time of messing around custom Linux kernels, crafting scripts to migrate data from mbox to maildir and building custom .deb to enable 3D effect in my favorite window managers. Though I’ve had some fun and killed some lonely moments, this constant dissatisfaction with the system and nonstop changes to it not only are distractive but also put my valuable data in refugee status all the time. At the end of the day, computer is just a tool. Enjoy many years of photos well organized in iPhoto and ready to be used in whatever document you are creating; have a short coffee break after unpacking your shinny new iMac 27 before the system is ready to be used with all your settings and data automatically migrated in an hour; or fire up Terminal.app, MacVim and Espressor and get some work done.


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