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I have been having a great time with Bon Echo. I was having problem running it on my laptop, and later I found it conficted with my input method (SCIM). So I simply put it undermodified environment variables (using env) and the problem got solved.

And now I had this new problem: it does not work with important extensions. I have been using the web developer extension for a long time, and that is not compatible with Bon Echo. There are several other extensions I have on my home computer, which are disabled by Bon Echo because of compatibility reasons. I believe they are compatible with Bon Echo. It is just that the extensions conservatively declare the versions of Firefox they support.

The hack is simple. Go into the profile directory, and there is an extension directory which holds all the extension files. For the extension in question, find the install.rdf file and open it with any editor. Now change the maxVersion to something bigger and try it out. It works great for me. Glad to have the web developer toolbar along with the Bon Echo features.



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