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My job involves creating web pages, and though that does not mean I need to make them beautiful, I sure like to make things look nice. Ever time I come across some magazines and especially those well-designed advertisements in them, I wonder to myself, “man, I wish I could use those fonts for my websites.” Unfortunately, it would always end up with disappointment, especially in the days when my boss was sticking to Debian with its very limited default collection of fonts. Though everybody in the lab has since switched to Mac, making sure things that look nice look equally nice for most of our users would still limit us to very few options.

That’s changed by web typography, and for me, by a neat website called typekit, brought to us by a small startup called Small Batch. The same talented team was behind the acclaimed Measure Map, better known as Google Analytics since Google acquired it. With CSS 2.0 providing features to enable web typography, typekit fills the gap of commercial font distribution. If the Web is a platform, then typekit is the /Libary/Fonts. By patching your webapge on the fly using JavaScript, typekit tries to be unobtrusive as possible. And you won’t get your hands dirty by writing those patchy JavaScript, as typekit provides a very friendly editor to express how you want to dress up your page with its collection of hundreds of nice-looking fonts in its library. Oh, yes, you can try it for free for an unlimited time.


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