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About a year ago, I wrote about daemonizing some python script for a web application. Today I encountered similar problems when I was fixing some migration issues when we retired an old server and moved some services to a OpenVZ container. Technology moves fast. What was large now has become small. Data that would have required a dedicated computer cluster to crunch years ago would now be processed quite comfortably on a single virtual machine. We decided to replace our qsub-based approach by running the job locally. It was as simple as replacing the qsub command by bash, plus the extra effort to daemonize the script so that it won’t hang our web application.

Looking for a quick fix, I thought about nohup. After a failed attempt, I discovered a recipe to make it work flawlessly. That is so simple and handy, and can replace become_daemon in django.utils.daemonize for many of my needs.


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