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Maybe taking notes frequently is really a good thing.

I once thought the past two months are really a waste, coz when I tried to remember what I had achieved, I really could not think of anything, until later today when I reopened Journal.app, the one application that I used to love and the one I removed from dock days ago. Journal has an entry of project plans I wrote in mid April. I am happy to see most of the things I wrote there have been achieved, though nothing significant.

I am growing, in a way that even myself cannot see it clearly. I often felt that I must be wasting my time for the past some time. Growing can be slow. The real gain can only be seen if you compare two time points relatively longer.

I remember the first time I did questions in past qualification exams. That was some time last winter. Every question seems to be tricky and requires much time. After half a year, when I seriously prepare for my exam weeks ago, most of the questions start to look trivial.

I guess that is what life looks like. Most of time, it looks so dull, plain, and featureless. It’s like when you are in a mountain you tend to not see how huge it is (an old Chinese saying). Take a note now and then, and make it possible for you to come back and see what has actually happened. The path of your life only exhibit its real color gradient when you put things into a larger context.

When you can taste the sweetness of making progress, you tend to live with more passion.

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