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I guess I should use emacs to do wiki, but VIm is so great at keeping me in its reign. For some daily but simple note taking, I have been using Zim. But up till now, I have found several unpleasant retrictions.

  1. No tag, no search! The only choice to use the namespace mechanism to orgainze. Such an approach is not as flexible (or intuitive) as tag-based system;
  2. No more than 1 format applied to every text region. You choose to underline it, then forget about use italic text or monospace font. That’s a big problem;
  3. Export is too bad!
  4. No customization of font, background, etc. It should at least use CSS to allow customizable view.

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Ideas about flock bookmarks

Flock has a nice bookmark management system: favorites. Instead of using an hierarchical directory structure for storing and organizing the bookmarks, flock hires a tag-based approach. I think this approach, coz now you do not have to go through a deep tree and/or pick from a long long list. Just search it.

However, I am uncomfortable about 2 things in this bookmark system:

  1. Bookmarks will always to sent to the onling bookmark system, if you turn that feature on. You are not given the fine control of whether a bookmark should be synced and shared in public. The coarse control only allows you to use or not use that feature, applied to all bookmarks.
  2. No shortcut. I like the shortcut-for-bookmark feature in Firefox and Mozilla. It allows me to type in the name of a bookmark to get the fastest access. I use “news” to go to my favorite new site and use “w stuff” to search the “stuff” in Wikipedia. It’s unlimintedly expandable for me. It’s easy to embed this feature into the Flock favorite system (just by storing the shortcut name in the description). Really hope they can make it happen.

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We have only one earth!

Save the earth, coz it is our only home; and save all endangered species, coz they, as us, are part of our vital world. You can make a difference to the future.

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